Hello! ) I am writing about the apartment. First of all the place looks beautiful!!! I mean-wow! Just wanted to tell you that.

Second, are you considering to rent it out maybe until you find a buyer? (Honestly, I don’t understand why selling such a beautyy!!!)


The Melnikov family:

Our acquaintance with Anna started more than 10 years ago whit the design and decoration project for our apartment. As in any of her projects, Anna has put her whole soul, talent and professionalism into our project. The interior created was so accurately reflecting and even anticipating our desires, that every day in mind we are grateful to her for a beautiful and cozy house.

Anna everywhere sees beauty and knows how to develop it in everything that is taken, constantly looking for new ideas and ways for their implementation.

We follow the new project with interest and wish Anna inspiration, luck and achievement of new creative and professional heights!
Marina, Mikhail and Lena

Mezhansky family:

Our whole family expresses its gratitude to Anna for the beautiful embodiment of our dreams.

Beautifully implemented project, incredibly comfortable interaction, attention to detail, understanding of our aspirations in terms of design and requirements for functionality and convenience, delicacy in discussing challenging subjects.

The ability to combine beauty and practicality, colors and textures, convenience and modern trends of building space, all this distinguishes Anna as an artist, decorator and project manager in one person.

We are pleased to continue our communication and interaction.